Tom Parkinson
Music, sound and performance

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I am a composer, musician and sound designer.

The vast majority of my work is with theatre and dance. This ranges from ephemeral tiny things for one person at a time, to large-scale international touring productions.

Highlights of 2018 include a new version of A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer, by me, Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel, which originally opened at the National Theatre in 2016 and which toured the UK and Australia this spring; Footnotes (for Crippled Symmetry), choreographed by Keren Levi which toured the Netherlands and Germany; We Are in Trouble, choreographed by Ivgi and Greben which toured the Netherlands, including a massively successful show at Lowlands festival; and Ugly Chief by Victoria Melody, in which I took a rare foray out from backstage to play live (bass, trumpet, tuba, keyboards and guitar). At the moment, I'm working on new shows by Sulayman Al Bassam, Bryony Kimmings, Made in China and Keren Levi.

Aside from that, I make musical experiments and I occasionally write about music, sound-technologies and theatre. Even more occasionally, I make commercial music. I've just finished a PhD in composition at Royal Holloway.

It's the variety that turns me on - I'm as happy writing songs as recording grains of sand landing on fox fur - so whatever has brought you here, I'd love to talk about it.