Shows and Concerts.
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29: Real Axe/Fake Arm, Sharon Smith and Tom Parkinson, Omsk 40th anniversary, London.
31: Couple-Like#2, Presentatiedag STIP, Holland.
Choreographed by Keren Levi and Ugo De Haes.


16: Aquarium, The Place, London. Choreographed by Irene Cioni and Dana Hillierova.
27-28: Couple-Like#2, SBW Tanzfestival, Vienna.


5: Perennial Company and Hope Phone, The Sage, Newcastle.
10: Couple-Like#2, Krokusfestival, Hasselt, Belgium.
21: Couple-Like#2, Tweetakt Festival, Utrecht, Holland.
28/3-2/4: Ordinary Departures - festival of dance, theatre, art, talking and music.
Curated by Keren Levi, Giulia Murredu and Tom Parkinson, Amsterdam.
28-30: Envelopes, Frascati, Amsterdam.
31: Envelopes, Grand Theatre, Groningen.


1: Perennial Company and Hope Phone, Smart Space, Amsterdam.
2: Envelopes, Korzo Theatre, The Hague.
2: Couple-Like#2, Kopergietery Rabot, Gent, Belgium.
7: Couple-Like#2, Dance Smash, Theater ad Slinger, Houten, Holland.
13: Couple-Like#2 Dance Smash, De Lieve Vrouw, Amersfoort, Holland.


5: How About Beth, The Old Queens Head, London.
9: How About Beth, Servant Jazz Quarters, London.
24-25: We Are Shadows (Opera, sound design), Spitalfields Music Festival, London.


27: How About Beth, Favela Chic, London.


21-27: We Might As Well Live, Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Festival.


8: Couple-Like#2, Jeugdtheater De Krakeling, Amsterdam.
10: Couple-Like#2 Ainsi Theater, Maastricht, Holland.
11: Sub Bass Meringue (Installation), with Sharon Smith.
Nothing Ever Said (Concert), With Matt Lewis. Sound Of Science, Bradford.
17: How About Beth, Soundtracks Festival, London
28-29: Couple-Like#2, Szene Bunte Wahne, St. Polten, Austria.

1-2: Couple-Like#2, Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht, Holland.
13: How About Beth, The Good Ship, London.
15: Tumble by Matt Lewis, The Pigeon Wing Gallery, New Cross, London.
15: Couple-Like#2, Annual conference GFADS, Stralsund, Germany.
23: Russell Swallow, Tim Lacy, Grace Banks, Ritzy, Brixton, London.
26: Couple-Like#2, Festival Jonge Harten, Kruithuis, Groningen, Holland.
28: Couple-Like#2, Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch, Holland.


4: Tim Lacy, Beatnik, New Cross Inn, London.
9: Couple-Like#2, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven.
24: How About Beth, Book Slam, Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London.


8: Couple-Like#2, Corrosia! Almere, Holland.
18: Perennial Company and Hope Phone, Beatnik, The Macbeth, London.