Departing Landscapes 2018 (chor. Keren levi) NL.

Super Duper Close Up 2018 (by Made in China) UK.

I'm A Phoenix, Bitch 2018 (by Bryony Kimmings) UK.

Ur 2018 (by Sulayman Al Bassam) Germany.

SHIFT 2018 (by Barely Methodical Troupe) UK.

Raven 2018 (by Still Hungry) Germany.

Footnotes For Crippled Symmetry 2017 (chor. Keren Levi) NL.

We Are In Trouble 2018 (chor. Ivgi&Greben) NL.

Little Miss Burden 2017 (by Mathilda Ibini) UK.

Footnotes For Crippled Symmetry 2017 (chor. Keren Levi) NL.

Uprooted 2017 (by Molly Taylor, dir Nicola Samer) UK.

Ugly Chief 2017 (by Victoria Melody) UK.

Each Other 2017 (Scottish Ballet, chor. Ivgi&Greben) UK.

Home Truths 2017 (by Cardboard Citizens) UK.

See Me Now 2017 (by Mimi Poskitt and Molly Taylor) UK.

Mr Lonely 2017 (chor. Ivgi&Greben) NL.

Binary Code 2017 (by Tom Parkinson) NL.

A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer 2016 (Complicite Associates, dir. Bryony Kimmings) UK.

Phonetic Venn 2016 (by Tom Parkinson) UK.

The Dry Piece XL Edition 2016 (chor. Keren Levi) NL.

Drive 2016 (by Ballet Junior de Geneva, chor. Ivgi&Greben) Switzerland.

Lookout 2016 (by Andy Field) UK.

Baby Boy 2016 (by Szeged Contemporary Ballet, chor. Ivgi&Greben) Hungary.

Fake It 'Til You Make It 2015 (by Bryony Kimmings) UK.

The Brolly Project 2015 (dir. Mimi Poskitt) UK.

Clubbing 2015 (by Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson) NL.

The Infinite Jazz Ballad 2015 (by Tom Parkinson) UK.

Show Off 2014 (by Figs In Wigs) UK.

Duet For Four Chambers 2014 (by Tom Parkinson) UK.

That Catherine Bennet Show 2014 (dir. Bryony Kimmings) UK.

Beat 2014 (by Prague Chamber Ballet, chor. Ivgi&Greben) Czech Republic.

Document 2014 (by Phoenix Dance Theatre, chor. Ivgi&Greben) UK.

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model 2013 (dir. Bryony Kimmings) UK*.

A Duet Without You 2013 (dir. Chloe Dechery) UK, France*.

Mega 2013 (dir. Bryony Kimmings) UK.

'T is Mijn Smaak Niet 2013 (chor. Hendrik Le Bon) Belgium, NL*

Social Skin 2012 (chor. Ivgi&Greben) S. Korea.*

To Band 2012 (by Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson) NL.*

Motor Vehicle Sundown 2012. (by Andy Field - audiowalk, vocal recordings) UK, Japan, Thailand.

The Dry Piece 2012-2013 (chor. Keren Levi) NL, Belgium, Germany.

I Could Almost Taste You Baby 2012 (by Dansgroep Amsterdam, chor. Ivgi&Greben) NL.

The Speaker's Progress 2012. (Sulayman Al Bassam Theatre - as musician/ actor only, music by Lewis Gibson)
Tunisia, Kuwait, NL.
We Are Shadows 2011. (Spitalfields Music Festival - sound design only, opera composed by John Barber).

We Might As Well Live 2011 (by Tom Parkinson/ Sharon Smith) UK, NL, Germany.*

Aquarium 2011 (chor. Irene Cioni) UK, Slovenia.

Nothing Ever Said 2011 (by Tom Parkinson) UK*.

Sub Bass Meringue 2010 (by Sharon Smth and Tom Parkinson) UK*.

Reasons To Be Cheerful 2010. (Graeae theatre) UK. (Assistant sound design).

Caleidoscope 2010 (chor. Keren Levi) NL.

Bored With A Hole 2010 (by Tom Parkinson and Sharon Smith) UK.*

Envelopes 2010 (by Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson) NL, Germany, UK.*

Lured 2009 (Sharon Smith), UK.

Mincemeat 2009 (Cardboard Citizens, sound operation only).

Iron Eyelashes 2009 (Imaginary Forces), Ireland, UK.*

One Man Show 2008 (dir. Nigel & Louise of Shunt) UK.*

Occupation 2008 (by Tom Parkinson).

The Prize Piece 2007 (chor. Keren Levi) Belgium, NL.

Accident 2005 (by Tom Parkinson)

Couple-Like/ Couple-Like 2 2005-present (chor. Keren Levi & Ugo Dehaes)

Happiness 2005 (chor. Uri Ivgi) Sweden and Eastern Europe.

Territory 2004-07 (chor. Keren Levi)*

One minute Solo 2004 (chor. Keren Levi) NL. *

The Bottom Line 2004 (chor. Keren Levi) Belgium, NL, Italy. *

Typhoid 2003 (by Tom Parkinson).

Hasjem 2002 (chor. Uri Ivgi) NL and Sweden.

Nanoseconds 2001 (chor. Keren Levi)

Gravel 2000 (chor. Keren Levi)*

Belamonky 2000 (dir. Ellen Kilsgard) NL, Denmark, Germany.*

The Biggest And Best Fish Are Dead 1999 (dir. Caroline Waters, Alex Parkinson, Tom Parkinson), Poland, Germany, Italy.*


Viral adverts for McDonalds, Nokia, LK Bennett, EA Games, Urban Cottage Industries and RLSB.

Richmond Park (short film) by Josh Bullock.

Documentary on German Nuclear Submarines (ZDF).

Music played on Channel 4, BBC2, Sky Sports, ZDF (Germany) BBC radio 1, 2, 6music, 1Xtra, World Service, ClassicFM, LBC, Virgin, Absolute, ResonanceFM and others.